Reflexions - New Edition

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Russell Deal, Karen Bedford, Tim Lane

  • Reflexions - New Edition
  • Reflexions - New Edition
    A set of cards that use contemporary street & techno style photo collage & graphics to deepen conversations on issues that concern young people.

32 pages
Age Range: 13 to 25
ISBN: 9781920945961

A set of 32 stunning, full-colour cards for anyone who works with youth. A new edition now with two additional cards, enhanced design and images throughout, Reflexions provides the right visual edge for adolescents, right now. Using key words and montages of photographs and fonts, these cards will continue to lead the way in encouraging young people to talk about feelings, goals and identity. Real conversations - about the hard stuff, the painful stuff, as well as the good stuff, and the changes a young person may want to make.

Who am I?

What am I feeling?

What’s important to me?

What choices and changes do I want?

Where am at and where am I heading?

Each card features a key word and layers of images that build different meaning and nuances of interpretation for rich, authentic conversations with young people.

Here is a resource for educators, youth workers, mental health professionals, social workers, juvenile justice counsellors and anyone involved with young people. Reflexions is designed for use with young people who, in the process of growth towards independence, are creating their own identities. The cards provide a way of considering how we are seen by others and the choices we make about our own feelings and thoughts.

Each card features a single word to guide participants towards identifying and naming reactions to their circumstances.

A versatile, conversation-building resource, Reflexions can be used with groups, individuals and families. Over the years, it has also proven an effective resource to use with boys struggling to express their emotions.

  • Which of the cards show thoughts or feelings you feel in control of? Which ones push you around?
  • When a family member is enacting one of these thoughts or feelings, how to other members react?
  • How are your feelings or thoughts like those of your friends or family? How are they different?
  • Do you feel under pressure from family, friends, peers or work mates to hide any of these thoughts or feelings?

While we did wonder if the look of this resource might date, the appeal of Reflexions has proven remarkably long-lasting. The ability of Reflexions to help young people identify and reflect on their choices, and re-story their lives, makes it a powerful tool for hope and change.

Table of Contents

32 laminated, full-colour cards, 210 x 148mm

Polypropylene box, 24-page booklet