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Quick Guide to Behaviour Management

$41.82  Paperback
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Bob Bates, Andy Bailey, Derek Lever

  • Quick Guide to Behaviour Management

152 pages
ISBN: 9781526424655

Even the best and most experienced teachers can struggle with classroom control and it is likely your experiences will vary day-to-day. Bestselling author of Learning Theories Simplified, Bob Bates, together with former head teachers Andy Bailey and Derek Lever, offer one-stop support for all teachers in A Quick Guide to Behaviour Management.

Whether you are working with children, young people or adults it will help you:

  • understand why challenging behaviour occurs
  • learn how to be a great teacher in the face of challenging behaviour
  • recognise a range of personalities you may encounter in the classroom and the strategies for dealing with them

Blending learning theories with real-life case studies, it fosters a deeper understanding of what causes challenging behaviour and equips you with all you need to know to handle it!

Table of Contents

Part 1: Introduction

  • 1 What is challenging behaviour?
  • 2 Why does it happen?
  • 3 Who's to blame?
  • 4 The myths of behaviour management

Part 2: Being a great teacher

  • 1 Know your rights as a teacher
  • 2 Know your own default position
  • 3 Know how to plan your classroom effecitvely and control space
  • 4 Know how to create a first and lasting impression on your learners
  • 5 Know what approaches you need to work on to deal wityh conflict in the class
  • 6 Know who you can turn to for help
  • 7 Know how to deal with learners with special educational needs or disabilities
  • 8 Know how to deal with victims of abuse
  • 9 Know how to deal with perpetrators and victims of radicalisation

Part 3: Dealing with challenging individuals

  • 1 Making everyone feel safe and confident
  • 2 Dealing with Low Level Disruptors
  • 3 Getting the best out of challenging individuals


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