Mental Health

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emotional literacy for adolescent mental health
Emotional Literacy for Adolescent Mental Health
$44.95, Paperback

Offers a diversity of non-verbal experiential exercises, skills and interventions for working with adolescents who may be facing particular challenges at a complex time in their lives.

essential guide to positive psychology with young people
Essential Guide to Positive Psychology with Young People
$39.95, Paperback

Help young people to recognise their strengths and use these to build confidence for the future.

essential guide to solution focused brief therapy (sbft) with young people
Essential Guide to Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SBFT) with Young People
$39.95, Paperback

Learn to devise solutions and to focus on the future rather than the past.

exploring depression and beating the blues
Exploring Depression and Beating the Blues
$32.99, Paperback

An effective self-help guide for anyone with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) affected by depression. Excellent