The Girl Who Collected Her Own Echo
28 pages
ISBN: 9781138308893

The Girl Who Collected Her Own Echo: A Story about Friendship

$25.99, Paperback
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Juliette Ttofa

The Girl who Collected Her Own Echo is a therapeutic story about finding friendship.

In the story, a little girl lives by herself and loves to sing. One day whilst she is singing in a mysterious cave, she thinks that her echo must be the sound of other children singing, but she is too shy to approach them. When she meets a boy who loved hearing her sing but was too shy to approach her, she realises that they were both lonely and they can sing together as friends.

This story can be purchased alongside six other storybooks as part of a set, as well as in a set alongside the guidebook Nurturing Emotional Resilience in Vulnerable Children and Young People and six other storybooks The guidebook outlines ways to use these beautifully told and visually appealing stories to nurture emotional resilience with children and will be invaluable tools for anyone working to build emotional resilience with children and young people.