MagneTalk Move Your Body

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MagneTalk Move Your Body

ISBN: 9791586507731

Can you stand like a flamingo?

Make working on balance, strength, and motor planning, fun and easy with the engaging animals and children in this Move Your Body! magnetic game! No special equipment needed! Here's what's included: one 14' x 18' sturdy, colourful, magnetic game board; 15 vinyl magnetic Move Your Body! tiles; plus two open-ended Look What I Can Do! tiles, and 16 Ball reinforcement tiles. Teachers can choose from the Move Your Body! tiles, or create a new motor movement with the Look What I Can Do! tiles. Everyone will have fun matching the large magnetic tiles to the exercises printed on the game board.

Exercise examples: Roll like a log, Slither like a snake, Walk like a crab, Hop like a frog.

Game ideas included.