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Leading Improvement In School Community Wellbeing

$54.5  Paperback
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Donna Cross, Leanne Lester Australian author

  • Leading Improvement In School Community Wellbeing

208 pages
ISBN: 9781742865379

More than ever before, the wellbeing of students, staff and the school community must be a priority for principals and school leaders.

Leading Improvement in School Community Wellbeing provides a framework for a set of high-impact strategies that individually and together can be the focus of improving wellbeing across the school.

The book provides school leaders with key research-based school improvement practices, authentic case studies in the form of principals’ reflections, and, crucially, practical explanations outlining how to choose a particular practice and how to successfully embed or implement that strategy within the school.

Asking ‘What’s happening?’, ‘What’s working’? and ‘What’s next?’, the three parts of the book provide tools to assess the school community’s wellbeing strengths and needs; to determine actions required to improve student and staff wellbeing; and to effectively implement wellbeing strategies across the school for the benefit of the entire school community.