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Implementing Restorative Practices in Schools: A Practical Guide to Transforming School Communities

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Margaret Thorsborne, Peta Blood Australian author

  • Implementing Restorative Practices in Schools

224 pages
ISBN: 9781849053778

Restorative practice is a proven approach to discipline in schools that favours relationships over retribution, and has been shown to improve behaviour and enhance teaching and learning outcomes. However, in order for it to work, restorative practice needs a relational school culture.

Implementing Restorative Practice in Schools explains what has to happen in a school in order for it to become truly restorative:

  • Section 1 explains the potential of restorative practice in schools, describing the positive outcomes for students and teachers. It also outlines the measures that need to be in place in order to embed restorative practice.
  • Section 2 examines the process of managing change – how to lead collaboratively and implement a restorative approach within schools at an organisational level – providing realistic and pragmatic guidance on the practical and emotional barriers that may be encountered.
  • Finally, Section 3 provides in eight practical steps strategic guidance for achieving a restorative culture that sticks.

Featuring useful pro formas and templates, this book will be an indispensable guide for educators, administrators and school leaders in mainstream and specialist settings.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Graham Robb. Introduction.

Section 1. A Whole School Approach.

  1. Restorative Practice Explained.
  2. Restorative Practice in Schools.
  3. The Restorative School - Begin with the End in Mind.

Section 2. Managing the Change Process.

  1. Understanding the Change Process.
  2. Why Change Fails.
  3. Change is an Emotional Process.
  4. Elements of Effective Change Processes.
  5. The Importance of Leadership.

Section 3. Making it Happen: An Implementation Guide.

  1. Overview.
  2. Getting Ready for Change.
  3. Getting the Ball Rolling: Overcoming Inertia.
  4. Implementing and Embedding the Change.




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