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How to Identify and Support Children with Dyslexia

$27.23  Softcover
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Chris Neanon

  • How to Identify and Support Children with Dyslexia

64 pages
ISBN: 9781855033566

Written by an experienced Dyslexia Adviser, this practical book offers help and advice to those providing and supporting the learning process of dyslexic children within the primary school classroom. Packed with valuable advice and ideas, Chris Neanon aims to address those questions that are most frequently asked by teachers and to build confidence. Sections include:

  • Definitions of dyslexia, research and early identification issues
  • What is it like to be dyslexic? A child's perspective on dyslexia.
  • How to support the dyslexic learner
  • Useful resources - letters for parents, including suggested ways to support dyslexic children at home
  • Ideas and materials for in-service training.