Hey Goose, What's Your Excuse

$19.99  Paperback
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Lisa Griffin

  • Hey Goose, What's Your Excuse

32 pages
ISBN: 9781944882181

Hey Goose, What's Your Excuse, is a beautifully illustrated story book to encourage children to overcome fear and anxiety.

Boone is a gosling, loving life on the water with his family. He feels safe and comfortable in his small corner of the pond, so why would he ever leave? When Boone's mom and siblings swim off to the opposite shore, he doesn't follow. He has his reasons, like the water is too cold and deep, and the other shore is too muddy. But when he sees his family having fun, he wonders what he's missing. Are they eating doughnuts, having a campfire, or will they see the elusive pond Yeti? Boone's curiosity soon grows bigger than his fears. He slowly paddles away from his safe space, taking readers on a journey that reveals why leaving your comfort zone can lead to exciting and unexpected places.

Includes tips for educators and parents.