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Helping Children and Teens with Difficult-to-Treat OCD: A Guide to Treating Scrupulosity, Existential, Relationship, Harm, and Other OCD Subtypes

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Karen Lynn Cassiday

  • Helping Children and Teens with Difficult-to-Treat OCD

240 pages
ISBN: 9781839974427

Treating subtypes of OCD, such as scrupulosity, harm, existential, and relationship OCD, in children and adolescents can often present a wealth of challenges. The nature of these lesser-known subtypes can make delivering common aspects of OCD treatment, including planning relevant exposures, and incorporating key adults in the child's treatment, difficult.

Drawing from years of professional experience, Karen Lynn Cassiday provides comprehensive guidance using a wealth of case examples on how you can overcome these hurdles in the therapy room. Whether a newly qualified or experienced clinician, this book is essential for all practitioners wanting to tackle the clinical dilemmas generated when treating complex OCD in children, teens, and emerging adults.

Bonus content! This book also gives access to a free video series containing demonstrations of exposure practice for each OCD subtype.

"I love everything about this book! Dr Cassiday jumps directly into the most perplexing roadblocks to treatment of the most difficult types of OCD that we face. This book is packed full of intriguing, creative and effective clinical strategies, supported by brief and vivid case illustrations. Pearls of wisdom accompany each theoretical point. This book is truly an impressive accomplishment."
- Reid Wilson, PhD, author