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Freedom From Meltdowns: Dr Thompson's Solutions for Children with Autism

$59.08  Paperback
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Travis Thompson

  • Freedom From Meltdowns
  • Freedom From Meltdowns
    A book with all the advice professionals and parents need to understand meltdowns and tantrums; one of the biggest challenges of life with autism and related disorders; and stop them before they start.

304 pages
ISBN: 9781557669865

Daily meltdowns and tantrums are one of the biggest challenges of life with autism and related disorders—they have a devastating impact on children with autism and their whole families. Now there's a book with all the expert advice front-line professionals and parents need to understand meltdowns, stop them before they start, and improve quality of life for entire families. Travis Thompson channels his 40 years of experience working with children and families into a long-awaited how-to guide that helps readers:

  • understand how other disorders and health conditions—such as anxiety, sleep disorders, OCD, ADHD, and mental health problems—contribute to meltdowns in children with autism
  • pinpoint events that trigger a meltdown—and prevent those triggers from escalating into an emotional explosion
  • use Functional Behavioral Assessment to uncover behavior patterns and develop effective intervention plans
  • improve communication skills so children can find positive ways to express themselves and get their needs met
  • create physical environments that facilitate learning and reduce distraction and confusion
  • work sensitively with families from diverse cultural backgrounds
  • discover specific ways to prevent meltdowns in school and other public settings
  • get insight into why children self-injure and what can be done to help them stop

Clear and practical enough to pick up and use right away, this book is filled with simple tips and strategies that really work, anecdotes from the author's extensive personal experience, and case studies that illustrate constructive and unconstructive ways to deal with familiar behavior issues. This eye-opening, problem-solving guide puts freedom from meltdowns within reach for everyone who works with or cares for a child with autism; and puts children on the path to success in school, at home, and in the community.