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2nd Edition

Find the Link: A Word-Finding and Category Game for Groups and Individuals

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Diana Williams

  • Find the Link
  • Find the Link
    Interactive board game with 200 photographic cards, designed to develop word-finding & categorisation skills in children and adults.

200 pages
ISBN: 9780367540371

This fun and interactive board game has been designed to develop word-finding and categorisation skills for children and adults.

With over 200 photographic cards and a colourful, versatile board, Find the Link can be used to facilitate a number of connecting and categorisation games, encouraging users to draw on their existing knowledge and descriptive skills to develop vocabulary, classification, logical thought and concentration. Collaborative and competitive games can be played individually, or in groups of 2 – 5 players, providing opportunities for social engagement alongside skill development.

The game includes:

• 200 hexagonal cards with new and updated images, which can also be used alone for sorting and classification

• 40 card categories, ranging from basic groups such as animals, food, clothes and transport, to complex groups such as function and place

• A colourful versatile board

• An instruction booklet, with guidance and instructions for different games

Part of the best-selling Colorcards series, this is an essential resource for anybody working with young children, adults with impaired language abilities, children and adults with special educational needs, or those learning English as an additional language.