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Eight Ways at Once: Book 2: Multiple Intelligence + Bloom's Taxonomy

$82.68  Softcover
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Helen McGrath, Toni Noble Australian author

  • Eight Ways at Once: Book 2
  • Eight Ways at Once: Book 2
    Applies the strategies from Book 1 to five units of work: Animals, Literature, Space and Flight, Heath and Wellbeing, and Planet Earth.

240 pages
ISBN: 9781740911191

Different students have different strengths. A classroom based on a multiple intelligences model meets the needs of all students and raises their awareness of their own strengths and self-worth.

Following on from the success of Seven Ways at Once, Helen McGrath and Toni Noble continue their development of practical classroom strategies based on Gardners (now) eight intelligences and the newest revision (2001) of Blooms revised taxonomy. Eight Ways at Once is a series of two teacher reference books that update Gardners multiple intelligences model and translate the new revised version of Blooms taxonomy.

In Book 2, the 200+ core teaching strategies from Book 1 are applied to units of work with broad integrated themes, creating hundreds of engaging and challenging classroom activities, games, and projects. These units of work can be readily adapted to different key learning areas for different years from K to 12.