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Astronaut Invented Spelling Test (AIST-2): Single User download

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Roslyn Neilson Australian author

  • Astronaut Invented Spelling Test (AIST-2)

Interest Age: 4 to 11

The AIST-2, produced by Dr Roslyn Neilson, is a screening test of phonemic awareness and the early development of knowledge of common English spelling patterns.

The test is suitable for primary school aged children, and may be administered individually or in groups. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Australian norms are provided for the first four years of formal schooling, as well as guidelines for the diagnostic interpretation of test results. The manual provides suggestions for support and intervention.

The download includes a movie demonstrating administration and scoring; the manual; the AIST-2 spelling worksheet; administration instructions; a paper-and-pen scoring grid and optional excel files to assist scoring; and case studies to assist interpretation of individual and whole-class results.

Requirement for testers:

  • There are no formal qualification requirements for administering the AIST-2, but it is expected that test users will be thoroughly familiar with test administration and interpretation, will have watched the demonstration movie, and will have practised giving the test before administering it formally to students.

Single User vs Site Licence

The standard version of this test is a Single User Licence which can be downloaded and used by the purchaser only and can only be installed on one computer, for one user. For wider use, e.g. for multiple users in a school, you should purchase a Site Licence (see Versions tab). A Site License entitles the purchaser to download and copy this test to multiple computers within their organisation at one location, with unlimited users allowed.

Table of Contents

Download contains:

  • AIST-2 Demonstration Movie showing Administration and Scoring.
  • AIST-2 Manual.
  • AIST-2 spelling worksheet
  • administration instructions
  • paper-and-pen scoring grid
  • optional Excel files to assist scoring
  • case studies to assist interpretation of individual and whole-class results
img_9358Astronaut Invented Spelling Test (AIST-2)
Single User download
img_9661Astronaut Invented Spelling Test (AIST-2) Site Licence