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2nd Edition

Assessment of Learners with Dyslexic-Type Difficulties

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Sylvia Phillips, Kathleen Kelly

  • Assessment of Learners with Dyslexic-Type Difficulties

392 pages
ISBN: 9781526423733

Dyslexia and literacy difficulties remain a very strong concern in the education sector, where pupil attainment in literacy affects school rankings, and of course children's life chances. This comprehensive guide enables teachers to understand a range of approaches to the assessment of children with dyslexic-type difficulties. It is an essential companion for those training to be specialist teachers of learners with dyslexia and a useful resource for earning support, and teachers new or experienced.

This new edition has been updated throughout in line with the SEND Code of Practice and includes useful templates that can be used in real settings.

Table of Contents

PART I: Dyslexic-Type Difficulties and Assessment: Setting the Context

  • Chapter 1: Dyslexic-Type Difficulties: Implications for Assessment
  • Chapter 2: The Implications of Co-existing Specific Learning Difficulties
  • Chapter 3: Purposes and Forms Of Assessment
  • Chapter 4: Legislation, Policy and Practice

Part II: Starting the Process

  • Chapter 5: Identification and Screening
  • Chapter 6: Gathering Information from Others

Part III: Informal Approaches to Assessment

  • Chapter 7: Informal Approaches: Assessing Diffuculties in Reading
  • Chapter 8: Informal Approaches: Assessing Spelling Difficulties
  • Chapter 9: Informal Approaches: Assessing Difficulties in Handwriting
  • Chapter 10: Assessing Alphabetic Knowledge
  • Chapter 11: Assessing Cognitive Processing Skills
  • Chapter 12: Assessing Difficulties in Mathematics
  • Chapter 13: Principles and Concepts of Psychometrics

Part IV: Formal Assessment

  • Chapter 14: Standardised Assessment of Reading
  • Chapter 15: Standardised Assessment of Spelling and Handwriting
  • Chapter 16: The Assessment of Underlying Ability
  • Chapter 17: Standardised Assessment of Cognitive Processing Skills
  • Chapter 18: Identifying Specific Learning Difficulties in Mathematics, including Dyscalculia

Part V: Managing the Assessment Process

  • Chapter 19: Conducting Assessment
  • Chapter 20: Writing an Assessment Report
  • Chapter 21: Assessment by Other Professionals