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Assessment and Treatment Activities for Children, Adolescents, and Families: Practitioners Share Their Most Effective Techniques

$40.86  Softcover
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Liana Lowenstein

  • Assessment and Treatment Activities for Children, Adolescents, and Families

181 pages
ISBN: 9780968519943

In this comprehensive resource, highly acclaimed author Liana Lowenstein has compiled an impressive collection of techniques from experienced practitioners. Interventions are outlined for engaging, assessing, and treating children of all ages and their families. Activities address a range of issues including:

  • Feelings Expression
  • Social Skills
  • Self-Esteem
  • Termination.

When children are referred for therapy, they typically feel anxious and are reluctant to talk directly about their thoughts and feelings. The interventions presented in this book aim to capture and sustain children's interest and motivation - creative and play-based to engage children and help them to safely express themselves within the context of a safe therapeutic environment.

The book begins with assessment activities providing clinicians with diagnostic tools to assist in treatment planning. The remaining sections provide activities to help clients master key emotional and behavioural competencies, such as identifying and expressing feeling states, strengthening interpersonal skills, learning coping strategies, and enhancing self-esteem. A variety of activities are provided within each section, so that practitioners can choose interventions that suit their clients' specific needs.

Each activity is described within a framework that recommends age suitability and preferred treatment modality. Goals for the activity are outlined. Materials needed to complete the activity are listed. The book includes detailed instructions for all activities and a discussion section that further clarifies application and process.

A “must have” for mental health professionals seeking to add creative interventions to their repertoire.

Table of Contents

Section 1. Engagement and Assessment

  • The “Talking Ball” Game: Norma Leben
  • Brain Work : Kim L. Flournoy
  • Call-Outs: Learning the Language: Jodi Smith.
  • Play-Doh-Nary: Christy L. Livingston
  • Therapeutic Magic Tricks: Diane Frey
  • Scavenger Hunt: Liana Lowenstein
  • Mirroring Activity: Evangeline Munns
  • It’s My Life CD: Jodi Smith
  • The Magic Key: David A. Crenshaw
  • Lifeline: Felicia Carroll and Adriana Ribas
  • Assessing Parent Empathy Through Sandtray: Deborah Armstrong Hickey
  • Socio-Sand-Atom: Sheila Ostroff
  • If I Were a Superhero: Susan Kelsey
  • I Am, I Think I Am, I Don’t Think I Am: SusanT.Howson.
  • What If Game: Donicka Budd
  • Inside Hurts and Outside Hurts: Lorie Walton
  • School Sucks: Maxine McCleery Bowden
  • Family Quilt: Pam Dyson

Section 2. Feelings Expression

  • I Am Check-In Activity: Tina Luna
  • Click! Emotions and Emotions Bingo: Michelle Cotnoir
  • Revealing Your Feelings: Sueann Kenney-Noziska
  • The Feelings Wheel Game: Norma Leben
  • The Sound of Feelings: Susan T. Howson
  • Colors of Feelings: Kathryn A. Markell and Marc A. Markell
  • Fishing for Feelings… Sara McCool
  • Guess Who? Feelings Game: Kimberly Blackmore
  • Connect 4 and Oh So Much More: Cynthia A. Dodge
  • Roll That Emotion: Michelle Cotnoir
  • Healing Hangman: Cherilyn Rowland Petrie
  • Call It Out: Cherilyn Rowland Petrie
  • Telling, Guessing, and Listening Game: Mary Cowper-Smith
  • The Image Finds Words: Lysa Toye
  • People I Like :Lisa Stein
  • Power Pies: Kim L. Flournoy
  • Heartfelt Feelings Coloring Cards Strategies: David A. Crenshaw
  • Draw-A-Story: Jennifer Mariaschin
  • Memory Quilt: Theresa Fraser
  • Making Tear Soup: Sally A. Loughrin
  • Family and Personal Changes Game: Sally A. Loughrin
  • If Grief Was a Color: Kathryn A. Markell and Marc A. Markell

Section 3. Social Skills

  • Your Heart: Sally A. Loughrin
  • Circles of Support: Denise O’Neil
  • Who’s Got the Turtle? Game: Lorie Walton
  • Magic Carpet Ride:iana Lowenstein
  • The “Excuse Me” Game: Brenda L. Bierdeman
  • The “May I Thank You” Card Game: Norma Leben
  • The Banana Game: Norma Leben
  • InventoGame: Maria Roberts
  • Community Building Sand Tray: Barbara Jones Warrick
  • Paint Spots: Kim D. O’Conno
  • What’s Under the Rock?: Connie-Jean Latam
  • So SORRY!: Jodi Smith
  • How Would You Feel?: Lynn R. Zakeri
  • Flip a Coin: Liana Lowenstein
  • Hands Off! That’s the Rule!: Tammy Reis
  • Friendship Fruit Salad: Sarah Wells

Section 4. Coping and Problem-Solving

  • Sweet Dream Box: Chrissy Snead
  • Bedtime Beads: Natalie Caufield
  • My Favorite Things: Cyndi Starzyk-Frey
  • Hug: Ceilidh Eaton Russell
  • Care Tags: Jodi Smith
  • Dump it on the Queen/King: Leahanne Prolas
  • Even Superheroes Have Problems: Lawrence C. Rubin
  • Safe Place Sand Tray: Barbara Jones Warrick

Section 5. Self-Esteem

  • Self-Esteem Booster: Amy Brace
  • Colors of Me: Katherine Arkell
  • Positive Postings: Jacqueline M. Swank
  • Two Faces: Kimberly Blackmore
  • Paparazzi: Donicka Budd
  • Self-Esteem Crown: Jodi Smith
  • I Am A Superstar: SusanT.Howson

Section 6. Termination

  • How I Felt the First Day: Susan Kelsey
  • What I Learned Layered Gift: Liana Lowenstein
  • Termination Party: Norma Leben

"Every so often a true gem is discovered in the field of child therapy that quickly becomes the gold standard. Liana Lowenstein skillfully selected some of today’s best clinicians and combines their favorite techniques into a true treasure. Anyone who wants to help children, teens, and families overcome obstacles will want this book. I can’t wait to implement these activities in my practice!"
- Scott Riviere, MS, LPC, RPT-S, Healing Kidz, Lake Charles, LA

"A delightful addition to the world of play therapy techniques! This well-organized volume, with over 50 contributors, offers a wide variety of activities in a quick and easy format for busy clinicians. It will surely become a well-used book for practitioners seeking creative and therapeutically-stimulating interventions for their child and teen clients. Highly recommended!"
- Athena A. Drewes, PsyD, MA, RPT-S, Astor Home for Children, Poughkeepsie, NY

"Liana Lowenstein is well known in the field of children’s mental health and continually offers practical and effective tools and activities for clinicians to use in their work. In this book she has gathered a diverse collection of helpful techniques from a diverse group of professionals. Anyone working with children, youth or families are sure to find many activities which can be quickly and easily utilized in their clinical work. This book is a must have resource."
- Greg Lubimiv, MSW, CPT-S, Phoenix Centre, Pembroke, ON Author of Wings for Our Children