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Anxiety Management for Kids on the Autism Spectrum: Your Guide to Preventing Meltdowns and Unlocking Potential

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Christopher Lynch

  • Anxiety Management for Kids on the Autism Spectrum

183 pages
ISBN: 9781941765982

Anxiety Management for Kids on the Autism Spectrum serves as a clear and comprehensive anxiety management guide for those who live with and support children on the autism spectrum. Its central purpose is to highlight the reasons why children on the spectrum have so much anxiety and to directly tie this knowledge to practical and actionable recommendations.

Those who live or work with children on the spectrum are acutely aware of how prevalent anxiety is for those with autism and they can see first-hand how it causes distress and impedes progress. However, those who support kids with autism are rarely provided with clear guidance on how to manage this anxiety.

Through his twenty plus years as a clinical psychologist, author Dr. Christopher Lynch has devoted his career to relieving distress in kids with autism and related concerns. The book provides clear guidance on how to identify anxiety in children with autism and, most importantly, how to link this anxiety to specific factors. The book identifies five factors that are commonly known to elicit anxiety in children with autism. These are labelled as:

  • Rigidity
  • Sensory sensitivities
  • Social challenges
  • Communication barriers
  • Task frustration.

These factors are covered extensively and specific suggestions are provided for addressing each of them. In addition to addressing the five factors, the book provides chapters in other important areas pertaining to anxiety and autism, including a chapter on how to teach stress and anxiety management strategies to children on the spectrum, a chapter devoted to applying strategies in the school environment and a chapter devoted to understanding and nurturing a child’s strengths to build resilience.

Anxiety can be overwhelming for children with autism. However, it doesn’t need to be. With this clear and comprehensive guide, parents, teachers, and therapists can take a crucial step towards managing anxiety thereby relieving distress and unlocking potential.

Table of Contents

  • Anxiety 24/7
  • Clues to Anxiety
  • Identifying the Five "Prime Suspects"
  • Prime Suspect #1: Rigidity
  • Prime Suspect #2: Sensory Sensitivities
  • Prime Suspect #3: Social Challenges
  • Prime Suspect #4: Communication Barriers
  • Prime Suspect #5: Task Frustration
  • Coping Skills for Body and Mind
  • 10. The Five Prime Suspects at School

    11. Embracing Strengths

    12. Coping 24/7