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All About Autism: A Practical Guide for Secondary Teachers

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Lynn McCann

  • All About Autism
  • All About Autism
    Enhances understanding of autism and provides practical strategies to support autistic learners

118 pages
Interest Age: 12 to 18
ISBN: 9781032247816

• Practical and relevant to the mainstream classroom. • Punchy and accessible handbook for busy teaching staff. • Covers the wide spectrum of autistic children • Explains autism and offers up-to-date positive approaches • Full of views and advice from autistic children • Part of the All About SEND series, designed to increase educators’ knowledge and understanding of SEND conditions, and to enhance their toolkit with practical strategies to support every learner in their care.

Table of Contents




What we know about autism

Co-occurring conditions

Language is important

Part 1 - How I do things differently - The voice of autistic children

  • Communication
  • Stimming
  • Social interaction
  • Masking and ‘spoon theory’
  • The autistic sensory experience

Part 2 - Teaching autistic children: practical strategies

  • Getting it right from the start
  • Year 7s (11-12 years old)
  • Rules, expectations and discipline
  • Working with parents
  • Quick wins for teaching autistic children
  • Communicate with your school SENCO
  • Using teaching assistants well More about learning Executive Functions and autism Teaching vocabulary Explaining concepts and links Marking and feedback Group work Homework Revision, tests and exams Behaviour and mental health Setting the scene What is fair to allow Honesty and arguments Meltdowns and shutdowns Managing spoons or energy levels Teaching responsibility Puberty and Identity Relationships and Sex Education lessons Misinterpretation, or literal interpretation Sensory Changes Personal Hygiene and appearance Peer Pressure Autistic Identity Gender and sexuality Risk taking and problem solving Bullying and online activity Transitions Starting secondary school Daily transitions Post 16 transitions Part 3 - Further resources and links