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Adverse Childhood Experiences Card Deck

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Warren Larkin, Jon Dorsett

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences Card Deck

100 pages
ISBN: 9781839971426

100 interactive cards for practitioners working with clients who have experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences to acknowledge adversity, identify sources of support and build resilience.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE's) can include a multitude of stressful and traumatic events during childhood and/or adolescence: It can be a single event, or prolonged threats to, and/or breaches of a young persons safety, security, trust or bodily integrity. including exposure to different forms of abuse, neglect, loss or violence, which can have life-long consequences.

Designed by renowned Consultant Clinical Psychologist and International Trainer, Dr Warren Larkin, this card deck features 100 full-colour illustrated cards with a detailed instruction manual to help practitioner and clients to explore adverse experiences, and to identify potential sources of support and to build resilience.

User-friendly and can be used with groups or individuals. These flexible cards will be an essential tool for your work with clients who've experienced adversity and trauma. The detailed instruction booklet which accompanies the cards makes them easy and accessible for all professionals, even those with limited knowledge of ACEs.

"Deeply knowledgeable and accessibly presented... it's a really valuable and exceptional tool for practitioners."
- Kate Cairns, author, speaker and trainer