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A School Without Sanctions: A New Approach To Behaviour Management

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Steven Baker, Mick Simpson

  • A School Without Sanctions
  • A School Without Sanctions
    An innovative approach to behaviour management in schools, prioritising compassion, rooted in neuroscience & evolutionary psychology

192 pages
ISBN: 9781472974525

'I believe this book will change the conversation in schools on children's behaviour.' - Dr Luna Centifanti

A School Without Sanctions offers an innovative approach to behaviour management in schools, prioritising compassion and behaviour modification over punishment. Drawing on their award-winning methods, Steven Baker and Mick Simpson explain why challenging behaviour occurs and provide a toolbox of non-confrontational approaches that will benefit the whole school community.

When Steven and Mick set out to transform their school's approach to behaviour, it changed everything. With the help of Dr Alice Jones Bartoli at Goldsmiths, they developed a sanction-free approach in their special school for boys with social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) difficulties. Far from descending into anarchy, lessons began to improve and student staff relationships flourished. The school is now rated outstanding in all areas, and more importantly, student outcomes have been remarkable.

Steven and Mick apply this experience, as well as their work in pupil referral units and young offender institutions, to explore their strategies for managing behaviour without the need for zero tolerance, discussing exclusions, trauma, motivation and engagement along the way. Rooted in neuroscience and evolutionary psychology, this book will revolutionise the way you think about behaviour management, help boost student mental health and academic achievement, and protect teacher wellbeing.

"This is more than a book! It is a professional conversation, the sort you would like to be taking place in every school. The authors draw on research, their own experience and hard-won expertise to underpin their arguments. Most importantly they challenge us all to see things differently and not 'just follow the crowd."
- Professor Derek Bell, Director of Learnus,

"This book is a game changer. The narratives seek to address the issues around behaviour management and modification through first acknowledging the root causes. Steven and Mick start by expertly interweaving high-level concepts of epistemology and ontology with the challenging of educational norms every day."
- Pran Patel, Teacher and Equity Activist, @MrPranPatel

"Steven Baker and Mick Simpson write in a solutions-based way that is inspiring, light, personal, and honest. The practical solutions they offer are wonderfully accessible for any person looking to manage another person's behaviour in a humanitarian way. I believe this book will change the conversation in schools on children's behaviour - and perhaps in wider society."
- Dr Luna C Muñoz Centifanti, Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology, @lunacentifanti

"This is the most relatable, readable book I have read in years. It's written in a conversational style that makes complex ideas so very easy to understand and has given me a plethora of ideas. I will be passing this book around my schools, family and friends - I could not put it down. Superb."
- Dame Nicola Stephenson, DBE, CEO of Valour Multi Academy Trust

"A book packed with sound advice and made more relevant because the writers are teachers and have put their advice into action. Evidence based practice is always the best. There are so many useful phrases and practical tips and quotes."
- LoveReading4Schools

"Their positive approach advocates the use of authentic praise and a focus on students who make good choices. They also recommend strategies for avoiding being drawn into arguments. This is an excellent book that radiates with its authors' compassion and common sense."
- Mary Mountstephen, SEN Magazine