A Practical Guide for Crisis Response in Our Schools: Sixth Edition

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Mark D Lerner, Joseph S Volpe, Brad Lindell

A Practical Guide for Crisis Response in Our Schools
140 pages
ISBN: 9780967476292

Today, crisis management is the responsibility of all educators. This dramatically expanded publication provides a structure and process for effectively managing the wide spectrum of school-based crises. It is an invaluable resource in preparation for, and during, actual crisis situations and continues to serve as a meaningful standard for our schools.

A Practical Guide for Crisis Response in Our Schools conveys critical information to assist schools in responding effectively to "everyday crises" as well as school-based disasters. It is an invaluable resource for administrators, support personnel and faculty.

By reaching our school families early with a comprehensive Crisis Response Plan, we can potentially prevent the acute difficulties of today from becoming the chronic problems of tomorrow.

The Guide offers:

  • strategies to potentially prevent violent school-based tragedies
  • help to educators to identify students who may be at greatest risk and know when to refer to support staff a protocol for managing crisis situations
  • discussion of practical strategies for addressing the emergent needs of students during times of crisis.

Being proactive, we can address the needs of vulnerable students early on, keep people functioning, mitigate ongoing emotional suffering and maintain the educational process.

With over 150 thousand copies in print, this guide is the most widely utilized school crisis response plan in the world.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The School Crisis Response Team
  3. The Crisis Response Team in Action
  4. Acute Traumatic Stress Management for Educators
    • Assess for Danger/Safety for Self and Others
    • Consider the Mechanism of Injury
    • Evaluate the Level of Responsiveness
    • Address Medical Needs
    • Observe and Identify
    • Connect with the Individual
    • Ground the Individual
    • Provide Support
    • Normalize the Response
    • Prepare for the Future
  5. Age-Appropriate Reactions & Specific Intervention Strategies
  6. Practical Information Concerning Grief Counseling
    • Helping Preschool and Elementary Children Cope with Loss
    • Helping Adolescents Cope with Loss
    • Phases of the Grieving Process
    • Assisting Students During Specific Grieving Situations
  7. Managing "Everyday Crises" in the School Setting
    • I. Domestic Violence
    • II. The Suicidal Student
    • III. The Violent Student
    • IV. The Substance Abusing Student
    • V. The Pregnant Adolescent
    • VI. The Student Experiencing a Divorce
    • VII. Working with Student Survivors of Motor Vehicle Accidents
  8. A Perspective on Preventing School Violence
  9. Managing Disturbing Threats in Our Schools
    • Practical Suggestions for Responding to Bomb Threats
    • Practical Suggestions for Responding to Intimidating Graffiti
    • Practical Suggestions for Responding to Intruder Threats
    • Practical Suggestions for Responding to E-Mail Threats
  10. A Theoretical Perspective on Preventing Disturbing Threats
  11. Helping Ourselves in the Aftermath of a School-Based Crisis
  12. Practical Documents
    • A. School Crisis Response: A Practical Checklist
    • B. Practical Suggestions for Assisting Children in the Aftermath of a Tragedy
    • C. Teacher Guidelines for Crisis Response
    • D. Parent Guidelines for Crisis Response
    • E. Identifying Students "At-Risk" for Violent Behavior: A Checklist of "Early Warning Signs"
    • F. Preventing Violent Tragedies in Our Schools
    • G Sample Emergency Contact List (For Out-of-School Hours)
    • H. Sample Announcement to Students & Faculty
    • I. Sample Announcement to the Media
    • J. Sample Memorandum to the Faculty
    • K. Sample Letter to Parents
    • L. A Case Example (Fictitious)
    • M. Traumatic Stress: An Overview
    • N. An Overview of Project SAVE