Vision Impared

fine motor development book 1
Fine Motor Development Book 1
$25.25, Softcover

First book of three which assist the developmentally delayed, vision impaired or those students currently experiencing difficulty using pencils, scissors and glue.

how to understand and support children with visual needs
How to Understand and Support Children with Visual Needs
$29.95, Softcover

Helps teachers understand how visual needs mean for children’s learning, and the practical ways in which visual needs may be addressed.

slosson intelligence test (sit-4)
Slosson Intelligence Test (SIT-4)
$405.00 Our Price - $404.00 Kit

A quick, reliable index of intellectual ability in children and adults, including those who are visually impaired or blind

waddington eye and ear testing pack 2nd edition
Waddington Eye and Ear Testing Pack 2nd Edition
$76.95, Kit

The tests provided in this pack will assist teachers to detect children with vision and hearing problems in their classrooms.