13 & Counting: Does a Hamburger Have to be Round? (With CD-ROM)

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Tamara Zentic

  • 13 & Counting
  • 13 & Counting
    Boost self-esteem & build confidence of young people by fostering healthy identities - while promoting social skills and executive function.

97 pages
Age Range: 12 to 18
ISBN: 9781934490839

Boost self-esteem and build up confidence of young people in life skills classes, counseling sessions, or advisement periods. Foster healthy identities by teaching teens to define self-esteem, clarify values and beliefs, set boundaries, and make personal goals.

13 & Counting provides educators with 22 easy-to-implement strategies and lessons to further social intelligence, social skill development. Each lesson emphasizes the use of an executive function process such as active listening, practicing self-control, thinking positively, or using organizational skills. The lessons incorporate the use of technology, through various devices, to better engage and motivate students in the digital age. Flipped classroom suggestions are provided. As an added bonus, a CD with print-ready worksheets and skill posters is included.

Table of Contents

Why is the Topic of self-esteem important?

How to Use this Activity Book


SECTION 1: Defining Self-Esteem

  • ?l? Self-Esteem ?!?
  • Positive or Negative?
  • Quotes on Self-Esteem
  • Who Are You?

SECTION 2: How we got here

  • So, DOES a Burger Really Have to Be Round?
  • Can You See it?
  • Positively Unique!
  • My Esteem or Your Esteem?

SECTION 3: The World Around Us

  • What Message do we see?
  • Digital ID & self-esteem
  • Social media & self-esteem
  • Values
  • To teach another

SECTION 4: Protecting Our Self-Esteem

  • Who's in Your Circle?
  • Stop the Negative Self-Talk!
  • l Am the Greatest!

SECTION5: Put Yourself Out There!

  • Put Yourself Out There!
  • Be Your Own Superhero!
  • Smash lt!
  • A Message to Others

APPENDIX: Skills & Their Steps