Teaching Spelling: Exploring commonsense strategies and best practices

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Peter Westwood Australian author

  • Teaching Spelling
  • Teaching Spelling
    A practical guide to many evidence-based strategies & methods to help students become confident, capable & independent spellers.

76 pages
ISBN: 9780415739948

Teaching Spelling: Exploring commonsense strategies and best practices equips teachers with the vital knowledge and skills needed to help their students become proficient writers and spellers.

Peter Westwood provides a very clear and concise account of the important skills and processes that underpin accurate spelling, and describes in very practical terms, many evidence-based strategies and methods that teachers can use to help all students become confident, capable and independent spellers. The book also addresses the purposes of various forms of assessment of spelling skills, to guide teaching and planning.

Chapters in this accessible and timely text include:

  • the importance of correct spelling
  • visual, auditory and cognitive components of spelling ability
  • general principles for planning instruction
  • proven teaching strategies and methods
  • word study as a teaching approach
  • formal and informal assessment

At the end of each chapter the author provides a list of online and print resources, thus enabling readers to extend their knowledge in the various topics. The extensive reference list is also an invaluable source of information on recent research and thinking on the topic of spelling instruction.

Teaching Spelling: Exploring commonsense strategies and best practices is an essential resource for all those in teacher education and taking in-service courses.

Table of Contents


  1. Is accurate spelling still important?
  2. Visual and visual-motor aspects of spelling
  3. Auditory and phonological aspects of spelling
  4. Cognitive and metacognitive aspects of spelling
  5. General principles for teaching spelling
  6. Specific spelling strategies and interventions
  7. Word study
  8. Informal methods for assessing spelling
  9. Formal assessment of spelling