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2nd Edition

Inclusive and Adaptive Teaching: Meeting the Challenge of Diversity in the Classroom

$49.99  Paperback
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Peter Westwood Australian author

  • Inclusive and Adaptive Teaching

156 pages
ISBN: 9781138481015

From bestselling author Peter Westwood, this new edition of Inclusive and Adaptive Teaching provides a considered approach to meeting the ongoing challenge of inclusive teaching in the classroom and offers a range of strategies for good practice.

This comprehensive resource promotes a fully inclusive approach to teaching and outlines the necessary adaptations and accommodations that are often required in order to address the needs of the very diverse population of students now to be found in most classrooms. Drawing on the ever-evolving practices of inclusive education and research into learning theories, Westwood describes useful, evidence-based strategies for adapting curriculum content, learning activities, assessment and resource materials.

Fully updated to reflect cutting-edge international research and teaching practices, this new edition gives additional focus to the role of digital technology, differentiation, the teaching of STEM subjects and support for inclusivity in higher education.

Accessible chapters in this new edition present:

  • principles, aims and issues in providing inclusive schooling;
  • sound pedagogical practices for adapting curriculum content;
  • evidence-based methods for teaching mixed-ability classes;
  • ideas for designing and modifying teaching materials;
  • ways of implementing inclusive assessment of learning.

Each chapter contains an up-to-date list of online and print resources easily available to teachers who wish to pursue topics in greater depth. This is an invaluable resource for both practising and trainee teachers and teaching assistants, as well as school principals, school counsellors and educational psychologists.

Table of Contents


  1. The philosophy of inclusive schooling
  2. Diversity in the classroom
  3. Exceptionality
  4. Adapting curriculum content
  5. Adapting teaching methods
  6. Adapting teaching resources
  7. Assessment of learning
  8. Accessing and utilizing support