Peter Westwood titles

inclusive and adaptive teaching
Inclusive and Adaptive Teaching
$52.99, Paperback

Fully updated to reflect cutting-edge international research and teaching practices

learning disorders
Learning Disorders
$52.99, Paperback

Uniquely links the teaching methods to overcome learning problems to the 3 tiers of the RTI Model

numeracy and learning difficulties, 2ed
Numeracy and Learning Difficulties, 2ed
$44.95, Paperback

Draws on recent research for guidance on developing flexible teaching methods & strategies to improve maths skills

reading and learning difficulties, 2ed
Reading and Learning Difficulties, 2ed
$46.95, Paperback

Covers recent initiatives in the teaching of reading, the value of a phonics-based approach & international research around literacy teaching, learning & pedagogy.

teaching spelling
Teaching Spelling
$58.99, Paperback

A practical guide to many evidence-based strategies & methods to help students become confident, capable & independent spellers.

what teachers need to know about spelling
What Teachers Need to Know About Spelling
$29.95, Paperback

This guide contains practical suggestions on methods and activities applicable to all students, supplemented by specific advice on assessment, and links to additional resources.