backpocket words
Backpocket Words

This book will help you understand and share the logic and coherence of the English writing system.

beneath the surface of words
Beneath the Surface of Words
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Take a journey below the surface of words to uncover the surprising coherence, depth and clarity of the English spelling system

the complete phonic handbook
The Complete Phonic Handbook

An essential reference for all teachers responsible for the language development of young children. Presented in a format that will assist quick and easy reference.

spelling for life
Spelling for Life

Lucid, accessible tools help to reveal that, when explicitly and systematically taught, spelling is scientific, law-abiding & even elegant

spelling rules, riddles and remedies
Spelling Rules, Riddles and Remedies

Shows teachers how to adopt & adapt a variety of learning strategies to suit different needs. Clearly presented & illustrated

supporting children with fun rules for tricky spellings combo
Supporting Children with Fun Rules for Tricky Spellings Combo

Beautifully illustrated storybook & workbook created to support learners who, after acquiring the basics of reading & writing, struggle grasp spelling rules.

supporting children with fun rules for tricky spellings
Supporting Children with Fun Rules for Tricky Spellings

22 activity worksheets designed to help learners understand & practise key spelling rules

teaching spelling
Teaching Spelling

A practical guide to many evidence-based strategies & methods to help students become confident, capable & independent spellers.

what teachers need to know about spelling
What Teachers Need to Know About Spelling

This guide contains practical suggestions on methods and activities applicable to all students, supplemented by specific advice on assessment, and links to additional resources.

who put the spell into spelling?
Who Put the Spell into Spelling?

An engaging story that connects the spelling rules together and gives them meaning, making them easier to remember