Memory and Learning

essentials of working memory assessment and intervention
Essentials of Working Memory Assessment and Intervention
$89.95, Paperback

Improve academic learning outcomes with accurate working memory assessment & evidence-based interventions

how to teach so students remember, 2ed
How to Teach So Students Remember, 2ed
$47.95, Paperback

7 actionable steps to help students use what they've learned when they need it. Updated with recent research in memory & teaching

memory at work in the classroom
Memory At Work In The Classroom
$44.95, Paperback

Support learners with instruction that responds effectively to their memory struggles

the new iq
The New IQ
$19.99, Paperback

From one of the world's leading authorities comes this easy read to help you understand and improve working memory.

target ladders working memory and auditory processing
Target Ladders Working Memory and Auditory Processing
$43.95, Softcover

Provides 'small steps' targets & helpful strategies based on 7 key aspects of challenge for children

understanding working memory, 2ed
Understanding Working Memory, 2ed
$69.00, Paperback

Spot problems early and work with children to improve their working memory and ensure they reach their full potential.

working memory
Working Memory
$109.00, Paperback

Leading psychologists review the latest research on working memory and consider what role it plays in development and over the life span

working memory and learning
Working Memory and Learning
$63.00, Paperback

This accessible guide provides a coherent overview of the role played by working memory in learning during the school years, and uses theory to inform good practice.