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Memory And Learning

essentials of working memory assessment and intervention

Essentials of Working Memory Assessment and Intervention


Improve academic learning outcomes with accurate working memory assessment & evidence-b...

how can i remember all that?

How Can I Remember All That?


Explains what is working memory is, what it feels like to have problems with your worki...

how to teach so students remember

How to Teach So Students Remember


Sprenger's celebrated book offers 7 concrete, actionable steps to help students use wha...

memory at work in the classroom

Memory At Work In The Classroom


Support learners with instruction that responds effectively to their memory struggles

target ladders working memory and auditory processing

Target Ladders Working Memory and Auditory Processing


Provides 'small steps' targets & helpful strategies based on 7 key aspects of challenge...

understanding working memory

Understanding Working Memory


Spot problems early and work with children to improve their working memory and ensure t...

working memory

Working Memory


Leading psychologists review the latest research on working memory and consider what ro...

working memory and learning

Working Memory and Learning


This accessible guide provides a coherent overview of the role played by working memory...

Memory And Learning

Learning and memory are closely related concepts. Learning is the acquisition of skill or knowledge, while memory is the expression of what you’ve acquired. Another difference is the speed with which the two things happen. If you acquire the new skill or knowledge slowly and laboriously, that’s learning. If acquisition occurs instantly, that’s making a memory (source: American Psychological Association).

Working memory is how your brain stores information for a short period of time and how much you can fit on this ‘post-it note’ hugely influences how well you do at school and beyond (from Understanding Working Memory).

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