Language Assessment

astronaut invented spelling test (aist-2)
Astronaut Invented Spelling Test (AIST-2)

A test of phonemic awareness & early development of spelling patterns knowledge, suitable for primary school children

foundations of early literacy assessment (fela)
Foundations of Early Literacy Assessment (FELA)

Assesses two of the foundational skills that enable young students to benefit from early literacy teaching

school entry alphabetic and phonological awareness readiness test (seapart)
School Entry Alphabetic and Phonological Awareness Readiness Test (SEAPART)

Individual, criterion-referenced test for children just before/after school entry

sutherland phonological awareness test, revised (spat-r)
Sutherland Phonological Awareness Test, Revised (SPAT-R)

A concise, individually-administered test that provides a diagnostic overview of the phonological awareness skills involved in early literacy development.