Welcome to the new LDA Bookshop

LDA has revitalised its book shop with a limited number of purposely chosen books primarily in the areas of Response To Intervention (RTI), Explicit and Direct Instruction, Assessment for instruction, and Numeracy. The LDA Book Shop focuses on offering books founded on evidence-based research and which bridge the gap between the research and practical teaching resources for school administrators, classroom teachers, school support staff, and those who teach individual students.

Featured Resources

early intervention for reading difficulties

Early Intervention for Reading Difficulties

$79.00, Paperback

Evidence base text & practitioner guide to support the literacy growth of beginning & struggling readers in K-2

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sutherland test of phonological awareness, revised (spat-r)

Sutherland Test of Phonological Awareness, Revised (SPAT-R)

$198.00, Kit

A concise, individually-administered test that provides a diagnostic overview of the phonological awareness skills involved in early literacy development.

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essentials of specific learning disability identification, 2ed

Essentials of Specific Learning Disability Identification, 2ed

$78.95, Paperback

Practical guidance on identifying SLD with up-to-date information on assessment, identification, interventions, and more

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phonological awareness

Phonological Awareness

$59.99, Paperback

Evidence-based strategies described for enhancing all learners' phonological awareness & effectively supporting those who are struggling. (ages 3–17)

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