assessing children with specific learning difficulties
Assessing Children with Specific Learning Difficulties
$62.99, Paperback

Provides all the information that teachers need to know about assessment of their pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties.

$62.95, Paperback

Theoretical & practical research in the field of dyslexia & literacy, presented in a user friendly format for practitioners.

dyslexia and inclusion
Dyslexia and Inclusion
$65.99, Softcover

Details current research and uses the 5 signposts for successful inclusion to provide support to meet teacher's practical needs.

dyslexia and other learning difficulties, the facts
Dyslexia and Other Learning Difficulties, The Facts
$30.95, Paperback

Draws on recent research on dyslexia and associated disorders and their treatments. Easy and accessible for parents and professionals.

the dyslexia assessment
The Dyslexia Assessment
$69.99, Softcover

A practical & comprehensive assessment tool for investigating reading, writing & spelling difficulties in learners. K-12 & higher ed

the dyslexia debate
The Dyslexia Debate
$46.95, Paperback

Examines how we use the term 'dyslexia' and questions its efficacy as a diagnosis, showing that it adds little value.

dyslexia, dyscalculia and mathematics, 2ed
Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Mathematics, 2ed
$63.99, Softcover

Outlines current thinking in the field and shows how the research methods that have been proven as successful can be used with whole classes of children.

essentials of dyslexia assessment and intervention
Essentials of Dyslexia Assessment and Intervention
$81.95, Paperback

Successful instructional techniques and materials necessary for accurate and effective use of evidence-based interventions

help! my child has dyslexia
Help! My Child Has Dyslexia
$34.95, Paperback

Easy games and activities that are fun to do at home which will improve reading, writing, maths and memory skills

how to develop numeracy in children with dyslexia
How to Develop Numeracy in Children with Dyslexia
$33.50 Our Price - $27.95 Softcover

Written by the Principal Maths Tutor at the Dyslexia Institute in London, this book will help you understand, teach and support pupils with dyslexia in the mathematics environment.

how to identify and support children with dyslexia
How to Identify and Support Children with Dyslexia
$29.95, Softcover

Popular guide full of practical advice & materials for supporting dyslexic learners in the primary classroom.

removing dyslexia as a barrier to achievement, 3ed
Removing Dyslexia as a Barrier to Achievement, 3ed
$64.95, Softcover

Takes a thought provoking and detailed look at the potential to create dyslexia friendly learning environments. The toolkit's practical style rooted in good practice and experience have made this resource very popular with teachers of dyslexic children.

target ladders, dyslexia
Target Ladders, Dyslexia
$43.95, Softcover (inc CD)

This powerful new book offers a system for setting and monitoring targets which can replace or complement IEPs.