New Titles

the dyscalculia toolkit
The Dyscalculia Toolkit

Now with over 200 activities & 50 games, this 3rd edition continues to meet the needs teachers working with learners, who have difficulty with maths and numbers.

executive functions
Executive Functions

This groundbreaking book offers a comprehensive theory of executive functioning (EF) with important clinical implications.

how we learn
How We Learn

An illuminating dive into the latest science of how we learn-and how we do it better than machines

motivating students with dyslexia
Motivating Students with Dyslexia

Explores why motivation for pupils with dyslexia can drop, and how this can be addressed before it impacts on learning.

robust comprehension instruction with questioning the author
Robust Comprehension Instruction with Questioning the Author

Practical K–12 teacher resource explains whats, whys & how-to of using Questioning the Author (QtA)

spelling for life
Spelling for Life

Lucid, accessible tools help to reveal that, when explicitly and systematically taught, spelling is scientific, law-abiding & even elegant

the trouble with maths
The Trouble with Maths

Vital, pragmatic insights into the world of numeracy a complete overview of the most frequently occurring problems associated with maths teaching and learning.