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all about dyscalculia

All About Dyscalculia


Accessible & informative guide with practical strategies & advice to build the self-est...

can i tell you about dyscalculia?

Can I Tell You About Dyscalculia?


Provides children with the tools & confidence to understand dyscalculia, discover helpf...

developing number knowledge

Developing Number Knowledge


An invaluable resource for classroom and intervention teachers, special education teach...

diagnostic mathematical tasks

Diagnostic Mathematical Tasks


Helps teachers, professionals and parents assess primary school student performance on ...

the dyscalculia assessment

The Dyscalculia Assessment


A tool for investigating pupils' numeracy abilities, designed to inform a personalised ...

the dyscalculia resource book

The Dyscalculia Resource Book


120 games & puzzles - New ‘mixed operations puzzles’ which require learners to swit...

the dyscalculia solution

The Dyscalculia Solution


Following on from the award winning Dyscalculia Assessment, this book provides a practi...

the dyscalculia toolkit

The Dyscalculia Toolkit


With over 220 activities & 55 games, this 4th edition helps teachers work with learners...

dyslexia, dyscalculia and mathematics, 2ed

Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Mathematics, 2ed


Outlines current thinking in the field and shows how the research methods that have bee...

dyslexia, dysgraphia, owl ld, and dyscalculia

Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, OWL LD, and Dyscalculia


Covers all 4 learning disabilities that require differentiated instruction. Deliver exp...

effective teaching strategies for dyscalculia and learning difficulties in mathematics

Effective Teaching Strategies for Dyscalculia and Learnin...


Provides an essential bridge between scientific research and practical interventions wi...

how to develop numeracy in children with dyslexia

How to Develop Numeracy in Children with Dyslexia


Written by the Principal Maths Tutor at the Dyslexia Institute in London, this book wil...

intensifying mathematics interventions for struggling students

Intensifying Mathematics Interventions for Struggling Stu...


Systematic guide to delivering Tier 2 & 3 maths interventions within a multi-tiered sys...

making maths visual and tactile

Making Maths Visual and Tactile


Over 50 games & activities that can help build confidence in the all important early nu...

mathematics for dyslexics and dyscalculics

Mathematics for Dyslexics and Dyscalculics


The latest research & best practices for helping learners with numerical and mathematic...

more trouble with maths

More Trouble with Maths


Central to this highly practical new edition is a range of photocopiable / downloadable...

numeracy and learning difficulties

Numeracy and Learning Difficulties


Draws on recent research for guidance on developing flexible teaching methods & strateg...

overcoming dyscalculia & difficulties with number

Overcoming Dyscalculia & Difficulties with Number


Strategies for teaching numeracy skills through a progression of practical activities &...

rti in math

RtI in Math


Learn how to help K–8 students who struggle in math using clear, practical strategies...

target ladders, dyscalculia

Target Ladders, Dyscalculia


This powerful new book offers a system for setting and monitoring targets which can rep...

teaching mathematics in the visible learning classroom, high school

Teaching Mathematics in the Visible Learning Classroom, H...


John Almarode, John Hattie & colleagues show you what works when for teaching maths in ...

teaching mathematics in the visible learning classroom, grades 6-8

Teaching Mathematics in the Visible Learning Classroom, G...


John Almarode, John Hattie & colleagues show you what works when for teaching maths in ...

teaching mathematics visually and actively

Teaching Mathematics Visually and Actively


Provides teachers in primary & secondary schools resources to develop a visual & active...

the trouble with maths

The Trouble with Maths


Vital, pragmatic insights into the world of numeracy a complete overview of the most fr...

visible learning for mathematics, grades k-12

Visible Learning for Mathematics, Grades K-12


How to design high-impact instruction based on current research & known effect on learn...

what to do when you can't add and subtract

What to do when you can't Add and Subtract


A fresh look at the basic skills of addition & subtraction with a range of ideas to hel...

what to do when you can't do fractions, decimals and percentages

What to do when you can't do Fractions, Decimals and Perc...


This book looks at the more complex skills of fractions, decimals and percentages and o...

what to do when you can't do maths set

What to do when you can't do Maths Set


Five practical books to help struggling learners with basic maths concepts from renowne...

what to do when you can't learn the times tables

What To Do When You Can't Learn The Times Tables


This best-selling title has been completely re-written and offers pupils the range of i...

what to do when you can't multiply and divide

What to do when you can't Multiply and Divide


Once students have an understanding of addition & subtraction, they can move onto these...

what to do when you can't tell the time

What to do when you can't tell the Time


This highly accessible book helps students grasp key concepts of time including the lan...


Our range of maths resources are not regular curriculum resources, but rather a carefully selected range of support resources primarily focussed on helping develop numeracy and basic maths skills in students with dyscalculia, general learning difficulties or special needs. The range also includes diagnostic testing tools and resources which can be used to help any student who is struggling with maths at school.

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