Working with Students Who Have Anxiety: Creative Connections and Practical Strategies

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Beverley H Johns, Donalyn Heise, Adrienne D Hunter

  • Working with Students Who Have Anxiety

230 pages
ISBN: 9780367138684

As the number of students with anxiety increases in schools and classrooms, this book serves as the go-to guide for teachers and educators who strive to provide a welcoming environment conducive to students' learning.

Working with Students Who Have Anxiety provides an accessible understanding of anxiety in its various forms, how anxiety impacts academic and social skills, and what teachers can do to create a positive climate. An exciting new resource for teachers, special educators, art specialists, and school counsellors, this book covers the causes, signs, and symptoms of anxiety; includes academic, behavioural, and art-based interventions; and explores ethical and legal issues relating to students with anxiety.

Filled with real-life examples, practical teaching tips, and creative advice for building connections with students, this book not only provides readers with the latest information about anxiety but also focuses on strategies to give educators the real tools they need to reduce the negative impact of anxiety in academic settings.

Table of Contents

Meet the Authors



PART I The Scope of Anxiety in Today’s Schools

  1. Understanding Anxiety
  2. Types of Anxiety
  3. Causes of Anxiety Disorders
  4. Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders
  5. Impact of Anxiety on Social Skills
  6. Impact of Anxiety on Academic Skills

PART II An Overview of Effective Behavioral Interventions

  1. Behavioral Management—Functional Assessment
  2. Preventive Interventions
  3. Effective Behavioral Strategies
  4. Classroom Accommodations
  5. Collaboration with Other Personnel and Parents

PART III Ethical and Legal Issues

  1. Respecting Students’ and Parents’ Right to Privacy and Abiding by Confidentiality Laws
  2. Legal Protections for Students with Anxiety Disorders

PART IV Resources for Educators

  1. Resources for Future Study