White Ligtning Sample Set: 6 Book Set

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White Ligtning Sample Set

Age Range: 12 to 14
Level: 2nd Grade Readability
ISBN: 9781680211382

White Lightning Books addresses a wide variety of themes and interests in a narrow range of reading levels, no higher than a 2.5.

Middle school is a time of self-discovery, high energy, and hormonal change. It can also be a time of self-assertion and defiance. Students who struggle to read will often not recover from low reading achievement in elementary school if their particular interests are not addressed. Encouragement and finding the theme to “hook” them is key. There is a broad range of interest and abilities in this age group, even with struggling readers. These are not YA or elementary books—a fact younger teens will appreciate.

Each book is approximately 100 pages with covers that will appeal to young teen readers. The titles in the White Lightning series are all designed in a similar style. Students will know what to expect when they pick up a book: a fast-paced story, mature and age-appropriate topics, short chapters, and achievable reading success.

6 books (1 each of 6 titles) Titles Include: Break and Enter, Iggy, On The Run, Qwick Cutter, Rebel, Scratch N' Snitch.

White Ligtning Sample Set
6 Book Set
Break and Enter
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On the Run
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Qwik Cutter
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Scratch n' Snitch
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