When Worry Came to Visit

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Maeve McColgan, Eileen McLaughlin

When Worry Came to Visit

Age Range: 6 to 11
ISBN: 9780863889875

This resource is designed primarily for use with children between the ages of 6 and 11 years old who experience significant difficulties with anxiety. It assists child care professionals to externalise the child's anxiety making it more possible for the child to make changes with the help and support of their family members and others.

This practical resource can be used when working individually with a child but ideally will involve all or some family members.

When Worry Came to Visit consists of:

  • a therapeutic story that externalises anxiety
  • worksheets to assist the therapist to guide the child through the process of externalising the anxiety
  • a board game which can assist with both assessment and treatment. This can be played either by the worker and child, or by family members.