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3rd Edition

When My Worries Get Too Big!: A Relaxation Book for Children Who Live with Anxiety

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Kari Dunn Buron, foreword by Brenda Smith Myles

  • When My Worries Get Too Big!
  • When My Worries Get Too Big!
    Combines relaxation techniques with the proven efficacy of the 5 Point Scale to help children who struggle with anxiety.

46 pages
Interest Age: 3 to 10
ISBN: 9781737671558

When My Worries Get Too Big! is a written to help children to understand the nature of worry and the power of relaxation.

Anxiety is one of the most frequent challenges experienced by children. Stress can lead to a loss of control, resulting in a loss of emotional control. Prolonged anxiety can also seriously impact success in academic achievement and cause children to avoid social and extracurricular activities. This updated 2nd edition includes a special section on teaching activities for parents and teachers. Engaging and easy-to-read, this delightfully illustrated book teaches children who experience anxiety to participate in developing their own self-calming strategies.

The bestselling When My Worries Get Too Big combines relaxation techniques with the proven efficacy of Kari Dunn Buron's 5 Point Scale to help the ever growing number of children who struggle with anxiety in their daily lives.

More than any other issue, losing control can cause major problems for children. Through the irresistible character of Nicholas, this book gives young children an opportunity to explore with parents or teachers their own feelings as they react to events in their daily lives while learning some useful relaxation techniques. Children who use the simple strategies presented in this charming book, illustrated by the author, will find themselves relaxed and ready to work or play.

"Kari Dunn Buron has done it again! The ideas in this gem of a book are evidence-based, easy to implement, and kid-friendly. Best of all, When My Worries Get Too Big! Revised Edition is a fabulous resource for all children who live with anxiety, not just those with special needs. Endearing illustrations, interactive opportunities, and Kari's famous adapted five-point scale make this a perfect 10!"
- Diane Twachtman-Cullen, CCC-CLP, editor-in-chief, Autism Spectrum Quarterly

"When My Worries Get Too Big! Revised Edition is a delightful book that will hopefully make kids feel less stressed and able to gain self-control. Full of practical, down-to-earth psychological strategies with child-friendly illustrations to help children cope and feel better."
- Simon Baron-Cohen, PhD, Cambridge University

"Filled with wonderfully goofy illustrations, this is one book that puts the power in the hands of kids. Intended for children with anxiety conditions, it teaches calming strategies and smart ways to recognize moods before they spin out of control. The book includes a foreword for parents and teachers and explains how to put some of the methods the author describes into practice."
- TIME Magazine