What Works with Teens: A Professional's Guide To Engaging Authentically With Adolescents To Achieve Lasting Change

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Britt H Rathbone, Julie B Baron, Rosalind Wiseman

  • What Works with Teens
  • What Works with Teens
    Two clinical social workers show educators & counsellors how to engage authentically with teens to create lasting change.

240 pages
Age Range: 12 to 19
ISBN: 9781626250772

If you work with teens, you know they are notoriously challenging to communicate with. And when teens are resistant to help, they may respond by acting defiant, guarded, defensive, rude, or even outright hostile. In turn, you may respond by reasserting your authority-resulting in an endless power struggle. So how can you break the cycle and start connecting?

In What Works with Teens, you'll discover the core skills that research shows underlie all effective work with teens. You’ll learn how to engage authentically with teens, create an atmosphere of mutual respect, and use humour to establish a deeper connection. Many books offer evidence-based approaches to treating teens, but very little information on how to establish and maintain a productive working relationship. This is the first trans-therapeutic book to provide real tools for creating a positive relationship with teens to help bolster effective treatment.

Whether your background is in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), psychotherapy, or any other treatment background, if you are looking for more effective ways to connect with teens and are ready for a program that really works, this book is a vital addition to your professional library.

"Rathbone and Baron are exceedingly talented clinicians who really `get' teens, and who are well grounded in current thinking about the adolescent brain and teen development. This outstanding book artfully presents their knowledge and clinical wisdom to professionals who work with adolescents. The strong emphasis the authors place on trust, authenticity, acceptance, and respect in dealing with teens is equally relevant to teachers, therapists, counselors, and physicians, all of whose work with young people will be elevated if they study this book."
- William R. Stixrud, PhD, director of The Stixrud Group, and assistant professor of psychiatry, behavioral sciences, and pediatrics at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences

"What Works with Teens is a gift to clinicians-simply a must-read! Offering tremendous insight into the world of the adolescent and adolescent brain, it invites clinicians to thoughtfully approach their work with teens and, in particular, how to facilitate a meaningful and effective relationship. Based on science and the authors' clear mastery of treating teens, this book provides a comprehensive and sophisticated understanding of what is needed for successful work with teenagers. Presented in a clear and engaging manner, What Works with Teens will leave the clinician prepared and inspired."
- Bonnie Zucker, psychologist, author of Anxiety-Free Kids and Take Control of OCD, and coauthor of Resilience Builder Program for Children and Adolescents

"What Works with Teens is a must-read for most any adult working with adolescents in the course of his or her day. Supported by both recent research literature and a variety of real-life examples, the essential ingredients and necessary frame of mind required to work successfully with adolescents is clearly laid out. Although I have been in clinical practice for nearly thirty years, I relearned important lessons and gained new perspective on my work with teens when reading this book. I will keep my copy close at hand, as it will remain a valuable reference for years to come."
- Lance D. Clawson, MD, child and adolescent psychiatrist and distinguished fellow of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry