Wellbeing in the Primary Classroom

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Adrian Bethune

  • Wellbeing in the Primary Classroom

176 pages
ISBN: 9781472951540

Evidence has shown that happy people (those who experience more positive emotions) perform better in school, enjoy healthier relationships, are generally more successful and even live longer! It is an ever-growing concern, therefore, that children's levels of happiness and wellbeing are decreasing, while their levels of stress, anxiety and depression are increasing. As a result, many schools and teachers are looking for accessible ways to address these mental health problems in young people.

In this practical and thoughtful book, experienced teacher and advisor on children's wellbeing, Adrian Bethune, takes the latest evidence and research from the science of happiness and positive psychology and brings them to life. Wellbeing in the Primary Classroom is packed full of tried-and-tested activities and techniques and has a foreword by Sir Anthony Seldon, former Master of Wellington College, well known for introducing and advocating happiness and wellbeing in education. It is an essential guide to supporting emotional and mental wellbeing in the primary classroom.

"This is a wonderfully humane and useful book for teachers. Idea by idea it shows how the skills for living can be taught in practice. Beautifully written by a teacher who walks the talk."
- Lord Richard Layard, Chairman of Action for Happiness

"Children's mental wellbeing is so vitally important. Happier children learn more, cope better and are much more likely to make the most of their potential. Adrian Bethune is an inspiration and this book should be required reading for everyone involved in teaching young children. It's a perfect blend of scientific research, real-world experience and practical ideas that really make a difference. Highly recommended."
- Dr Mark Williamson, Director of Action for Happiness, @actionhappiness

"“Reading this book is not only practical and important, it will also make schools better by far."
- Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice Chancellor of the University of Buckingham and Former Master of Wellington College, @AnthonySeldon

"Empirically researched and scientific, yet practical and accessible. What makes this book so refreshing is Adrian's authenticity. He practises this stuff day in day out and the impact is evident in the children he teaches. If this was on the reading list for all newly qualified teachers, imagine the difference it could make!"
- Yvonne Biggins, MAPP, Co-Founder, Young Happy Minds, @YoungHappyMinds

"For years we have expected children to just know how to cultivate their wellbeing by osmosis but the science and practice has come a long way and it is clear that this makes a big difference to their lives. Adrian's fantastic book brings to life the theoretical science of wellbeing with practical ideas and stories from the classroom."
- Nancy Hey, Director, What Works Centre for Wellbeing, @WhatWorksWB

"This book will be a welcome breath of fresh air for all those interested in education and development of the whole child rather than simply maintaining a narrow focus on examination output. Adrian Bethune is intent on ensuring we equip young people with mental resilience and emotional flexibility in order that they can face with confidence the challenges of modern living. A great read with bundles of practical advice, which should enjoy a permanent position on anyone's bookshelf with children's wellbeing at heart."
- Gary Lewis, Executive Headteacher and Chair of the Association of Character Education, Jubilee Centre, Birmingham University

"Adrian's well-structured book is full of passion and shows teachers how to teach a range of concepts and skills and integrate them into the classroom and school culture. It's one of the first books of its kind that makes it easy for teachers to understand why this matters and what they can do in a practical sense in their classrooms."
- Vanessa King, Author of '10 Keys to Happier Living', @changespace

"Adrian's book is pragmatic and inspirational. It sparks with wisdom, insight and joy, and is an essential read for practitioners and researchers. Written with beauty and elegance, it is truly a significant contribution to the field of wellbeing in schools."
- Dr Emma Kell, Teacher, Senior Leader and Author of 'How to Survive in Teaching', @thosethatcan

"This isn't just a book about happiness, being happy, or ensuring that young people are smiling in school all day long. It's not even about being content in life, but this book is about offering pupils strategies to explore how to manage stresses, anxieties, or feelings that might result in depression."
- UKEdChat