Waddington Eye and Ear Testing Pack 2nd Edition

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Neil Waddington Australian author

Waddington Eye and Ear Testing Pack 2nd Edition

ISBN: 9781875382064

This 2008 Second Edition hardcopy contains many innovative resources and a re-written support manual keeping up with the times. Includes both Long and Near Vision Test Charts and updated norms constructed from the in-school testing of 290 students from a near country government R-7 school in South Australia.

Equips teachers to seek medical attention for children with vision and/or hearing problems. Very useful for diagnosing or heading-off student learning difficulties. Studies have found that approximately 20% of Australian students have unsatisfactory and poorly detected vision problems. Could your students be better performers?

Excellent book to accompany the Diagnostic Reading & Spelling Tests. Includes:

  • 6 eye tests (including newly updated and standardised Long and Near Vision Screening Eye Test charts).
  • 6 hearing tests (incl. Auditory Discrimination Test).
  • Comprehensive, streamlined indicator and assessment checklists.
  • Checklists to improve vision and auditory performance in the classroom.
  • A Set of 4 certified Irlen Coloured Overlays - Blue (Turquoise), Yellow (Goldenrod), Red (Rose) and Green.
  • No extra special equipment required.