Vocabulary Builders for Daily Living

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Developed by Academic Communication Associates

Vocabulary Builders for Daily Living

Age Range: 10 to 85
ISBN: 9781575031033

Help students with language learning disabilities acquire the “survival” vocabulary that they need to function in a variety of situations. This book includes easy-to-read short stories and activities designed to teach students the meaning of words and phrases such as “flammable,” “reservations required,” “private property,” “emergency exit,”“directory assistance,” etc. Stories can be presented orally to students with limited reading skills.

Words and phrases are included when engaging in activities such as making purchases, doing laundry, going to the doctor, asking for directions, and applying for jobs. Vocabulary items were selected from road signs, commonly used forms and documents, menus, newspapers, advertisements, product labels and other sources. The reproducible word and phrase cards can be used to teach students to read the target items.