Unmasking Sexual Con Games: A Teens Guide for Avoiding Emotional Grooming and Dating Violence, 3ed

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Kathleen M McGee, Laura J Buddenberg

Unmasking Sexual Con Games
79 pages
ISBN: 9781889322551

How can you protect yourself from being intimidated or conned into sexual activity? What role do alcohol and drugs play in dating violence? How do you know that someone is trustworthy? What are good boundaries to set in friendships and dating relationships? How safe are chats in cyberspace? This book will help you...

  • Stay safe in chat rooms.
  • Set healthy friendship and dating boundaries.
  • Distinguish "sweet talk" from language lies.
  • Recognise when you are being "played."
  • Avoid situations that encourage unhealthy sexual boundaries.
  • Be smart and successful in every relationship.

This guide is one part of a powerful teen-relationship curriculum that also includes a Leaders Guide.