Understanding How Children Learn: What every teacher should know about sensory development

$29.95  Softcover
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Irene Swain Australian author

Understanding How Children Learn
80 pages
ISBN: 9781855035003

This innovative book presents a breakthrough in our understanding of the underlying nature of the most common learning difficulties: ADHD, Asperger syndrome, dyslexia, and dyspraxia / developmental co-ordination disorder. lt explores the sensory input systems that establish the learning pathways for reading, spelling and writing, and offers alternative views as to why some children are not learning as well as their peers.

This practical, accessible book will help you to:

  • gain an insight into how our body interprets and acts on the information the brain receives
  • identify classroom indicators of potential learning difficulties
  • explore changes you can make in your classroom and teaching to encourage the development of the sensory systems
  • recognise factors that may contribute to a learning difficulty
  • understand and use educational assessments and their scores
  • enable children with a wide range of different learning difficulties, including those who are gifted and talented, to succeed at school.

Also included is a collection of case studies of children with sensory based learning issues to help you apply the theory to practice.