Two Worlds of Your Teenager: How to help your teen start their career on the right foot and safely enjoy the fun of being young

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Sacha Kaluri, Sonya Karras Australian author

  • Two Worlds of Your Teenager
  • Two Worlds of Your Teenager
    Advice & information about assisting your teenager to deal with their social life & to choose a career that fulfils them

ISBN: 9781925048926

Over the past 17 years Sonya Karras and Sacha Kaluri have been working with teenagers on a daily basis. They understand that in the late teenage years there are two big areas that come into full bloom: social life and thoughts about a career path.

In Sonya and Sacha’s experience, navigating teenage life is fraught with risks and the unknown. The Two Worlds of Your Teen is aimed at providing parents of teenagers with advice and information about assisting their child to deal with challenges in their social life and how to choose a career that fulfils them.

Sonya and Sacha offered their expertise in these two areas as part of parent seminars they run in schools. In late 2016 Sonya and Sacha took their presentations to a whole new level with a highly-popular national TV show – “The Sonya and Sacha Show” – an entertaining and information-packed program directed at parents.

Their book is the culmination of their experiences and knowledge, honed during ground level connections made with young people over the last 17 years. The authors present information in a fun and engaging way and deliver important life-skills messages.

Sonya shares her knowledge on how to keep your child safe when they are celebrating with their friends, faced with issues such as drugs and alcohol, what to do if things go wrong, how to prevent negative experiences, personal safety, youth language and terminology, how you can be involved in supporting them through this exciting life phase and communicating with your teen.

Sacha provides information on how to help your child choose the career of their dreams, how they can build resilience, helping them think outside the square, the importance of defining what your child’s skill-set is, helping them to be creative when seeking employment and advice on resume’s, work experience and volunteering.

Sonya and Sacha’s practical approach and real life experiences make for an interesting, easy read and provide their audience with potentially life-changing and life-saving messages.

"The Two Worlds of Your Teenager is practical, punchy and informative - much like its authors. It will give you a laugh, help you stay sane. It’s much cheaper than therapy, smarter than Dr Google and more fun than counselling."
- Susie O’Brien, Herald Sun

"Wildly entertaining and exceptionally informative"
- Andrew Fuller, leading Australian psychologist and author of Tricky Teens