Tricky People: How to deal with horrible types before they ruin your life

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Andrew Fuller Australian author

Tricky People
208 pages
ISBN: 9780732298197

In this instructive and entertaining book psychologist Andrew Fuller helps us find imaginative ways to deal with the difficult manipulative and frustrating people we encounter at home in our families in our social lives or at work. Tricky People unveils the techniques they employ to get their way and provides approaches we can use to break out of unhelpful relationship patterns.

Adopting Jean Paul Sartre's dictum: "Hell is other people", Andrew Fuller takes us on a voyage through a rogues' gallery of weird, nasty and not-so-loveable types.

His hilarious "spotters guide" provides useful understandings of back-stabbers, white-anters, blamers, whingers, bullies, tyrants, controllers, charmers, narcissist, swindlers, know-it-alls, perfectionists, competitors and the seriously self-obsessed. If you are having difficulties with another human being, this is the book for you.

Importantly, this book helps us: understand how to break free of relationship traps, notice the dynamics of office politics, appreciate what a difficult person might be able to teach us, and become aware of our own shortcomings in our dealings with others.