Transforming ADHD: Simple, Effective Attention and Action Regulation Skills to Help You Focus and Succeed

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Greg Crosby, Tonya K Lippert

Transforming ADHD

Age Range: 18+
ISBN: 9781626254459

Are you ready to look at adult ADHD in a completely different way? Transforming ADHD offers a radical, breakthrough approach based in attention regulation and interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB) to help you gain focus and freedom from your symptoms.

Adult attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can make even simple everyday tasks like paying bills or getting groceries extremely difficult. At the end of the day, you may feel unfocused, and life may seem unmanageable. However, this struggle isn't the result of an inability to pay attention, as is so widely believed. Studies now show that ADHD results from an inability to maintain attentiveness.

Adults with ADHD can and often do focus on things they enjoy, but have trouble focusing on things that aren't as interesting to them. More and more, experts are acknowledging that, rather than a deficit of attention, ADHD is really about adjusting attention between hyperfocusing and underfocusing.

Transforming ADHD draws on psychology, biology, neuroscience, sociology, and other disciplines to provide an innovative guide for learning how to better regulate your attention. Looking at ADHD through the framework of IPNB a model that see s one s mind, brain, body, and relationships as intimately connected you ll discover how to rewire your brain for better attention regulation and overall well-being.

With the research-based exercises, tools, and techniques in this book, you ll learn how to effectively manage your attention so you can focus on what it is you need to do and do it well.

"This book is a gem. Crosby and Lippert take this complex and sometimes confusing experience of living with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and make it imminently understandable. And then they provide a plethora of interesting and doable ideas, as well as practical strategies for you to live the life you want. NOW."
- Susan Marie, PMHNP, PhD, associate professor at Oregon Health and Science University, and senior medical director for Behavioral Health in Primary Care, Central City Concern

"Transforming ADHD strikes that right balance of information that comes both from the head and the heart. Crosby and Lippert provide practical strategies to help adults function better with ADHD that not only are solidly based in the research literature, but also come from a wealth of both clinical and personal experience. ADHD affects adults in so many different ways. The authors understand the impact ADHD has on individuals lives, and the book provides tips that adults can apply in their work and family life along with lots of supportive advice. They really get what it s like to live with ADHD."
- Bradley Steinfeld, PhD, assistant director at Group Health Cooperative Behavioral Health Services

"Transforming ADHD is a clearly written and easy-to-use guide for overcoming ADHD and literally rewiring your attention! If this sounds complicated, it s not because authors Crosby and Lippert weave together engaging, real-life stories, research, brain science, and relationship patterns to re-envision ADHD. Best of all, they offer a set of practical, daily skills and mindful awareness tools for overcoming procrastination and increasing your effectiveness. Whether you re an adult diagnosed with ADHD, or a mental health clinician working in the ADHD field, Transforming ADHD is an essential key to unlocking the ADHD puzzle. A must-have book! "
- Donald Altman, MA, LPC, author of the best-selling The Mindfulness Toolbox, Clearing Emotional Clutter, and One-Minute Mindfulness

"As someone who has had the privilege of having a front row seat to witness Greg Crosby lead workshops for attorneys with ADHD, I anticipated that this book that he partnered with Tonya Lippert to produce would be a solid, research-based resource. It has exceeded my positive expectations. It is written in a clear and efficient style. Their guiding metaphor of flashing lights and guiding lights provided a great focus or lens for the research-based strategies and tools they offer. I appreciated how they were able to relate and reinforce material and tools which they introduced at the start of the book with the material and tools that they followed with. I believe that the population which I work with, attorneys, will find this book to be a helpful and easy-to-digest resource."
- Mike Long, attorney counsellor, Oregon Attorney Assistance Program