Totally Chill: My Complete Guide to Staying Cool. A Stress Management Workbook for Kids with Social, Emotional, or Sensory

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Christopher Lynch

  • Totally Chill
  • Totally Chill
    With fun graphics & an interactive style children will learn & develop the crucial skills to manage stress independently, in an enjoyable way!

135 pages
Age Range: 8 to 14
ISBN: 9781937473044

When parenting, teaching and working with children who have social, emotional, and/or sensory sensitivities, we often put the emphasis on learning new skills. Countless hours are spent working on social skills, fine- and gross-motor skills, language skills, and academic skills, but stress management skills are often left unaddressed. This is unfortunate, as stress can create a multitude of challenges for learning and daily living. In other words, it can create barriers to the very things we are trying to teach. Besides, it can cause distress, which can lead to meltdowns and behavioural outbursts. In short, it is crucial that children learn and develop skills to help them to manage their stress as independently as possible.

Totally Chill: My Complete Guide to Staying Cool is a stress management workbook that is meant to be read, completed, and used as much as possible by children themselves. Its fun graphics and interactive style make it ideal for children grades 3 through middle school.

Everyone feels stress – adults and children alike. It’s part of life. But life can be a lot easier when we learn new skills and ideas to help us handle the stress in our lives.

"Dr. Lynch's therapeutic skills, honed during many years of clinical practice, combined with his affable personality, have enabled him to author this workbook for older children and teenagers, struggling with anxiety stress, and sensory issues. By providing factual information to inform the various self-help tasks, encouraging choices, and giving feedback, he engages the intellectual curiosity of these youngsters while at the same time enabling them to begin to understand and take control over issues that are disruptive to their daily functioning." This book is a welcome addition to the "tool kits" of these youngsters, their parents, teachers and therapists."
- Harvey S. Bennett, MD, director of Child Neurology and Developmental Medicine, Goryeb Children's Hospital; clinical professor of Neurology and Pediatrics, Mount Sinai School of Medicine.