2nd Edition

Too Blue, 2ed: A book about depression and other mood disorders

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Neil Phillips Australian author

  • Too Blue, 2ed
  • Too Blue, 2ed
    An encouraging book, which tackles tough topics like suicide and depression in a clear and helpful way.

56 pages
ISBN: 9780646559902

Depression is common, troublesome, painful and dangerous. It is frequently overlooked and often mistaken for mere blues and blahs.

Too Blue, will take you on a journey into the world of depression. Through words and cartoons this book vividly illustrates and explains depression and other mood disorders. The simple text and many drawings bring the symptoms of depression and the havoc of mania into clear focus. Treatments are described and explained in a balanced way. A special section is provided for those who want to know something about the underlying workings of the brain and how they relate to depression.

This encouraging book, tackles tough topics like suicide in a clear and helpful way, which will prove useful to those who suffer from depression and for other people too.