Thinking Adventures for the Adolescent Language Curriculum

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Carol Kidder Murdoch

Thinking Adventures for the Adolescent Language Curriculum

Age Range: 12 to 18
ISBN: 9780930951511

The short stories and worksheet activities in this book offer meaningful contexts for teaching vocabulary and developing thinking skills. Your student will enjoy learning about historical events, languages, people and their customs, interpersonal communication, and other subjects. The reproducible lessons challenge students to think as they give synonyms and antonyms, describe semantic relationships, interpret the meaning of sentences, rephrase statements, incorporate new words into original stories, etc. Both oral and written language activities are included.

Each lesson is presented on a worksheet that may be reproduced. The topic of each worksheet can serve as a basis for group discussions. The activities can be used with students who have language disorders, learning disabilities, deficits in vocabulary or ESL students.