The School Leader's Guide to Restorative School Discipline

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Luanna H Meyer, Ian M Evans NZ author

The School Leader's Guide to Restorative School Discipline
176 pages
ISBN: 9781412998604

The School Leader's Guide to Restorative School Discipline provides a research-based and field-tested model for school discipline that supports and augments the principal’s primary duty: to support the education of all students, including those who exhibit behavioural challenges.

The authors introduce and explain the latest research on educative discipline, provide a comprehensive discipline plan for secondary schools, and outline how this plan should be supported and sustained through teacher support teams. Whether a principal is aiming to develop a school discipline plan from the ground up or augment their existing model, this book will help administrators develop a cohesive and effective discipline program that promotes and facilitates student learning.

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Guide

Section 1: Setting the Context

  1. Restorative School Discipline
  2. School-Wide Behaviour Expectations

Section 2: Putting the Model in Place

  1. Processes for Primary Prevention and Intervention
  2. A Framework for Child-Focused Interventions
  3. Decisions about How the School Responds to Behaviour
  4. Restorative Conferencing and In-School Suspension

Section 3: Evaluating Outcomes and Sustainability

  1. Evaluating Student Outcomes
  2. Professional Learning for Sustainability



"This is one of the most comprehensive and useful books on implementing a school-wide discipline program I have read. It shows how to prevent and respond to serious situations."
- Mary Reeve, Director, Special Education and Gifted Services, Gallup McKinley County Schools, NM